Home Decorating Tips: Colors and Their Meanings

Red Cannas Art Print by Georgia O'Keeffe

Your home is your sanctuary. The art prints and colors you choose reflect your values and interests. These design choices can also affect your moods. Carefully chosen art prints can create a relaxing ambiance, while other art prints can heighten the mood with energy and excitement.


Red is an attention-grabbing color that emanates vivacity. Decorate rooms with a lot of activity with red to create a party-like atmosphere. “Red Cannas by Georgia O’Keeffe or “The Red Studio by Henri Matisse will add a vibrant level of energy to any room. Art prints with a splash of red to create can help generate passion. However, red is a strong color, so too much red can be overwhelming.  ”Endless Love by Alfred Gockel is a stunning print that has just the right amount of red for the bedroom.


One Orange Art Print by Shirley Novak


Orange is another high-energy color, which should be used sparingly in rooms that are meant for relaxation. However, orange is perfect for rooms designed to entertain guests. The vibrant color facilitates sociability and optimism. The uplifting color is known to create a sense of joy. “Orange Gerberby Stephanie Marrott and “One Orange by Shirley Novak are sure to brighten any mood.


Lift your spirits with yellow, which is an intense and joyful color. Some studies even indicate that yellow can help focus the mind and improve productivity. “Dancer in Yellow by Marta Gottfried Wiley and “Yellow Daisy by Prades Fabregat will always put you in a good mood.


The calming properties of purple make it the perfect color for a bedroom, to encourage sleep, or a spa, to encourage letting go. Georgia O’Keeffe art prints, such as “Purple Petunias or “Black and Purple Petunias, combine nature and this lovely hue for any tranquil space.


Pink is an enchanting color with sedative effects, which can help nurture your need to unwind. Although the femininity of pink is truly expressed in art prints such as “Tulip by Judy Mandolf, you can still enjoy the color in art prints with masculine imagery. Pink art prints, “Cherry Cream and “Modular Tiles IV“, allow you to enjoy pink without all the girly qualities.

Silhouette on Green Art Print by Erin Lange


Green is another soothing color, which promotes balance and restfulness. The nature-inspired hue allows you to enjoy the calming sensations. Check out the art prints, “ Silhouette on Green by Erin Lange or “Warmth II Green by Volk.


The serene color of blue helps reduce stress and calm the nerves. Immerse yourself in the cool blue waters of “Palma De La Playa by Karen Dupre or the beautiful “Blue Sky art print by Vincent Van Gogh.


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