Selecting an Art Frame Moulding

Framed Art Print, Snow Effect by Claude Monet (uncropped, no mat, Metropolitan moulding)Framing an art print from will help make the artwork a focal point wherever it is displayed. After you have chosen the mats and glazing, you are ready to choose from 63 different moldings. put together tips to help you choose the right frame for the art print and your room décor.

The frame should match the style of the painting
The art print should be the focal point, while the frame and matting should emphasize the artwork. For example, “Relativity” by M.C. Escher will look stunning in a sleek and simple black frame because of the black and white imagery and sharp, geometrical lines. Something more ornate will overpower the simplicity of the art print. The”Cherubim Putti Angels of the Sistine Madonna” by Raphael is a Renaissance painting with rich colors. An elaborate gold frame will accentuate the art print’s colors better than a sleek and simple black frame.

Framed Art Print, Morning Dream I, by Susan Osborne (cropped, Tablet White mat, Milan moulding)The frame should coordinate with the room décor
A modern room should be decorated with an art print with a modern frame. Silver frames or simple dark wood frames are excellent options. Frames made from wood, gold frames and bronze frames, sometimes with decorative elements, look best in traditional rooms decorated with timeless pieces. The best advice is to try to coordinate the frame with other focal points in the room.

Choose a frame that contrasts the art print
Avoid choosing a frame that matches the art print too closely. A predominantly light art print, such as “Snow Effect” by Claude Monet, can be framed in a darker wooden frame. Metallic molding should be chosen according to the dominant colors in the art print. Art prints with cool colors, such as “Blue Mood” by Cape Edwin, will look better in a silver frame. “Morning Dream I” by Susan Osborne has predominantly warm colors, which look good paired with a gold frame.

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