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Vote for your Favorite Framed Version of “Red Cannas” Art Print by Georgia O’Keeffe

We had a great response to our blog post, “Vote for your Favorite Framed Version of “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh Art Print.” In addition to selling high-quality art prints, can also frame your art print for a fraction of the cost of local framers. The website provides shoppers with the ability to [...]

Vote for your Favorite Framed Version of “Starry Night” by Vincent van GoghArt Print

Framing an art print gives your home decor more sophisticated look. took a well-known and loved art print, “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, and framed it five different ways. Tell us which option is your favorite in the comments! OPTION 1 OPTION 2 OPTION 3 OPTION 4 OPTION 5

10 Tips for Choosing the Right Matting for Framed Art Prints

Framed art prints are a perfect accessory to add a pop of color and vitality to any room. offers professional framing services for all of its online art prints and posters. When choosing the matting, follow these simple tips for a framed art print that is right for you. Choose cool-colored mats for cool-colored [...]

Decorating with Martini Art Prints

Decorating a room used for social gatherings should be centered on one theme: fun. Choose furniture that is conducive to interacting with your guests. An L-shaped couch will allow your friends and family to face each other for friendly conversations. Warm, vibrant colors, such as orange and red, have an energizing effect which is just [...]

Spice Up Your Kitchen with Art Prints

The kitchen is known for its activity and a great place to explore your creativity. Make it a visually appealing room so you enjoy it while whipping up some amazing new recipes. Entertaining Kitchen Some people have a knack for entertaining and a talent for creating a wide range of delicious food and drinks. Art [...]

How to Choose Matting for Framed Art Prints

Matting an art print is not only functional, it can also change the look and feel of an art print to make it more impressive. A mat serves a functional purpose because it separates the art print from the glazing. A mat’s decorative purpose lets you personalize the framed art to add color and depth. [...]

Selecting an Art Frame Moulding

Framing an art print from will help make the artwork a focal point wherever it is displayed. After you have chosen the mats and glazing, you are ready to choose from 63 different moldings. put together tips to help you choose the right frame for the art print and your room décor. The [...]